★ Mass Effect 3 [Again]
★ Dragon Age 2 [Again]
★ Mirror's Edge
★ Skyrim

★ Doctor Who s08
★ Teen Wolf s04


Marvel Ladies Defense


Here’s the babe aka Pirate Queen, because she literally is Queen, featuring freckles because how could I not?? step on me pls

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I love when people randomly follow me because I assume they’ve just seen something I said and went “ah yes. This nerd seems particularly strange. Let’s see what else it does”

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Hot shepard alert heyooo

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kitty pryde in all new x-men

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i have yet to meet a human being who doesn’t ship harley/ivy its like the most universal ship in all of comics thats not actually a ship why this why us

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We call ourselves Runners. We exist on the edge between the gloss and the reality: the mirror’s edge. We keep out of trouble, out of sight, and the cops don’t bother us. Runners see the city in a different way. We see the flow. Rooftops become pathways and conduits, possibilities and routes of escape. The flow is what keeps us running, keeps us alive.

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…my Harley Quinn

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Joker’s cute face appreciation photoset.

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Warm up. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Hawkeye. I love a lot of things about the series but most of all I love Kate Bishop and I love Annie Wu.

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